Toshiba's Digital Products Division in America, today introduced the TDP-ET20U DLP mobile multimedia DVD projector, Toshiba's first all-in-one multimedia DVD projector featuring extreme short projection.

Aimed at home users keen to make the most of watching a movie or game of footie at home, the TDP-ET20U displays up to a 100-inch diagonal screen image from just 3.9 feet away.

The projector beats the company's current offering for the ET20 which is a 78-inch image from a mere 39-inches away.

Like the ET20, the ET20U features an integrated DVD player, 5.1-channel Dolby Pro Logic surround sound support and an RGB port is included for easy connection to a PC.

An HDMI port is also included, providing an interface between any audio/video source such as a set-top box for cable TV viewing, digital television (DTV), or a PC as well.

The projector comes packaged in a sleek, black piano finish casing. All input and output connectors are conveniently located on the front of the projector, avoiding a maze of cabling behind the unit and away from viewers' reach.

Weighing 10.6 pounds, the compact TDP-ET20U offers 1,100 lumens, a 2000:1 high contrast ratio, and widescreen format with adjustable aspect ratio from 16:9 to 4:3. Additional ports include an S-video, composite video and component video via three RCA jacks.

The Toshiba TDP-ET20U will be available to purchase at retail stores in September in America and cost $1399. We are awaiting confirmation from Toshiba here in the UK as to whether or not the ET20U will be launching in the UK and if so how much it will cost.

We will keep you posted.