Toshiba has announced that it has delayed the launch of the first HD-DVD recorder due to lack of stock available.

Although due in Japanese shops today, the company that is backing the high-definition format against Sony's Blu-ray players has said that slow delivery of components has lead to smaller than expected supply of machines. Toshiba has now said that the recorders will be available on a revised date of 27 July.

The company has yet to announce when the RD-A1 will go on sale outside of Japan, however many believe that it will be at IFA in Berlin in Septemeber.

However Toshiba can take sanctuary in the knowledge that it is not the only one suffering set backs.

Sony has also confirmed that European customers looking to embrace Blu-ray will also have to wait a little bit longer, like Toshiba it was expected that it would announce the European launch of its next generation DVD format at IFA, however it is now rumoured that the company has put back that announcement to CES in Las Vegas in January.