Toshiba is first out of the HD gates with its upcoming RD-A1 HD-DVD recorder.

Clearly convinced that High Definition is the way forward, Toshiba's new HD-DVD recorder combines the burner with a 1-terabyte hard disk.

1 Terabyte translates to up to 130 hours of HD broadcasts saved on the hard disk.

The added HD-DVD recorder means that these broadcasts can be saved to a 30GB dual-layer HD-DVD-R disc, to the tune of 230 minutes of footage.

And that's not all; the RD-A1 can also record to conventional DVD discs and facilitate transfer to HD-DVD discs.

The Japanese will be the first to get their hands on the device on 14 July, although it remains to be seen how many can afford to fork out the £1880 asking price for it.