Toshiba has launched a series of new LCD televisions today in time for the World Cup this summer.

The new range badged as the WLT66 series will offer four large screen models - the 32WLT66, 37WLT66, 42WLT66 and 47WLT66.

Toshiba is promoting the fact that the televisions will include two HDMI as standard as well as the 42WLT66 and 47WLT66 also featuring a full 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.

All the models in the range will also include an Integrated Digital Tuner for access to over 30 extra Freeview channels.

Toshiba is also stating that the new WLT66 range comes with an Integrated Signal Amplifier and Toshiba's Active Vision LCD picture processing technology which promises to detail, colour, contrast and movement.

The models will also come with SRS WOW audio output, a Component Video input and two Scarts.

Also launching in April are two large screen analogue Picture Frame LCD TVs. The 32WL66 and 37WL66 are both HD Ready and include 2 x HDMI inputs plus a 1366 x 768 screen resolution.

In Q3 2006 the range will be extended further with three new WLT68 models, available in screen sizes of 32, 37 and 42 inches.

Toshiba also showed off a model which is due for launch in September. The new model will offer a 100MHz screen speed for improved picture and three HDMI sockets for those looking to plug in their games console, Sky HD box and HD-DVD player.