Toshiba is launching its new range of HD Ready Picture Frame LCD TVs that will offer 2 x HDMI inputs and an Integrated Digital Tuner for access to over 30 extra Freeview channels.

The WLT66 range, made up of four large screen models - the 32WLT66, 37WLT66, 42WLT66 and 47WLT66 includes Toshiba's Active Vision LCD picture processing technology which promises to enhance four key areas: detail, colour, contrast and movement.

Each model also features extensive connectivity, including a Component Video input and two Scarts. Twin HDMI inputs allows the user added flexibility and ensures it is possible to digitally connect the TV to either an HDMI DVD player, HD digital receiver or, in the near future, an HD-DVD player.

Both the 42WLT66 and 47WLT66 have a full 1920 x 1080p widescreen resolution.

The 47WLT66 also includes a particularly slim-line speaker system, positioned along the bottom of the TV. As an additional option Toshiba will, for the first time, offer a subwoofer to accompany the large screen LCD TV range. The new SW1000 subwoofer maximises the overall home entertainment experience and can be attached out of sight to the back of each TV.

Also launching in April are two large screen analogue Picture Frame LCD TVs. The 32WL66 and 37WL66 are both HD Ready and include 2 x HDMI inputs plus a 1366 x 768 screen resolution.

The 32WLT66 will retail at approx £1200 and the optional subwoofer that can be fitted to the back of each TV approx £150 extra.