Toshiba is going up against Sony with the launch of the 160Gb HDD DVD Recorder. The RD-XS34, will be in direct competition with Sony's RDRHX910, and will offer a 160GB hard disc drive with room for 206 hours of content, twice that of its own RD-XS32.

The RD-XS34 enables users to record programmes onto its hard drive while simultaneously playing pre-recorded DVD-Video or other compatible discs.

The RD-XS34 is also able to record from an external source, such as a digital video camera (via the i.Link interface), allowing the user to transfer home movies to the player for editing and saving onto DVD-RAM or DVD-R/-RW discs.

The RD-XS34 includes PAL Progressive via its component video outputs for enhanced picture playback. It is compatible with DVD Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW, Video CD and SVCD discs, as well as MP3 playback. Audiophiles will enjoy the ability to record in Linear PCM (L-PCM), which stores material without compressing the audio data.