Toshiba has announced a dual layered disc that will playback both HD-DVD and DVD formats strengthing its offering in the battle of the next generation DVD formats.

Created in collaboration with Memory-Tech, the new disc will have a single-sided, dual-layer structure. The upper layer, closer to the optical head, stores data in the DVD format, and the lower layer stores HD DVD data. The DVD layer has a 4.7GB capacity, satisfying the specification of current DVD discs, while the HD DVD layer can store up to 15GB. The DVD layer can be played back on DVD players that are currently available.

The new disc makes it possible for consumers to view DVD content on standard DVD players and, after purchasing an HD DVD player, to enjoy high definition content on the HD DVD layer from the same disc. The new disc structure also increases options for content providers; they can provide the same content in two formats, or use the HD DVD layer for a feature movie and the DVD layer to store promotional videos or audio content, including the movie sound track.

Toshiba is hoping that this announcement alongside support announced last month from the film studio will make the format more appealing than Sony's BlueRay disc technology.