Toshiba has updated its small screen LCD TV range with new 14in and 20in models. The 14VL44 - 14-in (35cm) 4:3 LCD TV and the 20VL44 - 20in (51cm) 4:3 LCD TV

The two models are very thin at just 190mm and 220mm with pedestal stand, include built in speakers and weight 4.5kg and 8.2kg respectively. Both sets are equipped with Nicam Stereo sound and offer Scart, S-Video and PC compatible connections.

The 14VL44 and 20VL44 will be available in January 2005 and will form part of a family of 6 new flat panel products to be introduced, as Toshiba increases its presence in the LCD market. The 14in will retail at approximately £379 and the 20in at £599.