Toshiba has announced its biggest line-up of HD-ready products today, including LCD TVs, DLP TVs and Home Cinema Projectors, all of which meet the HDTV Forum's specifications for a HD-compatible product.

With Sky promising to broadcast HD films and sporting events in 2006, Toshiba is hoping to get ahead of the game and be one of the first manufacturers whose products will carry the official HDTV logo

Toshiba are launching three High Definition-ready televisions: a 32-inch 16:9 (HDMI) - Active Vision LCD (Model no. 32WL48), a 30-inch 16:9 (DVI) with Twin analogue tuners (Model no. 30WL46) and a 27-inch 16:9 (DVI) again with Twin analogue tuners (Model no. 27WL46). Two DLP TVs: a 46-inch 16:9 (HDMI)(Model no. 46WM48) and 52-inch 16:9 (HDMI)(Model no. 46WM48)- available February. Two HD-Ready Projectors: a 16:9 WXGA (DVI, HDMI via adapter)(Model no. MT8) and a 16:9 WXGA (HDMI)(Model no. MT700)

All the models will be phased in between now and February, although Toshiba has not confirmed a price as yet.