Toshiba has today announced the launch of the RD-X5, a mammoth 600Gb hard disc driver and DVD video recorder that in real-terms will offer just over 1000 hours of video footage.

The player offers a number of features includes integration of dual MPEG-2 encoders and terrestrial analog broadcasting tuners with a ghost reduction function allow the recording of two programs at the same time. An integrated DVD Multi Drive can record to DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and DVD-R, at fast writing speeds of 5x, 4x and 8x, respectively. The “RD-X5” is also the first DVR to support CPRM and 8x writing of copy-once programming to the DVD VR format.

The player, which for the time being is the largest capacity player in the market, unfortunately is unlikely to be lunched UK anytime soon, the lucky people of Japan however, should be able to pick one up sometime in November.

Toshiba in the UK did however suggest that they were expecting similar higher capacity recorders to be appearing in the UK early next year.