Toshiba has announced a new HHD DVD Recorder to its range. Available from the end of May, the RD-XS32 can store over 100 hours of programmes on its hard drive, removing the need for tapes or discs. Material from the hard drive can also be transferred to DVD discs so you can share all your favourite episodes with friends and family.

The RD-XS32 is one of only a few HDD DVD Recorders to be compatible with multiple recording formats - DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and DVD-R.

The unit will also feature ‘time slip' recording functions - Pause TV and Chase TV. As its name suggests, Pause TV allows you to pause live TV, for example if the doorbell rings. The remainder of the programme is recorded onto the hard drive, and watching can be resumed at any time you are ready.

Chase TV enables you to start watching a programme that has been stored before the hard drive or DVD-RAM disc has finished recording it. This function has the added advantage of an ‘instant replay' button so if you miss something, you can see it again immediately. ‘Instant skip' takes you directly to a chosen point - very handy for avoiding ad breaks or even to catch up with the real-time TV broadcast.

The RD-XS32 will be £549 and will be available from the end of the month.