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(Pocket-lint) - Toshiba is trying to elbow its way back in to TVs, having withdrawn from a number of markets over the past few years. And there's a number of interesting developments coming down the line in 2020.

While we don't have the exact models, prices or where you'll be able to buy them, Toshiba has shared details about how connected its TVs are going to be.

That won't be a total surprise: in 2019 Tosh had a number of Alexa-compatible TVs, with a Toshiba Connect accessory that would give you complete voice control. 

Moving forward into 2020, you won't need that accessory because the Toshiba Connect TV will have the mics built into the bezel so you can talk directly to the TV to get Alexa control - not just of the TV but over other Alexa devices too. This won't miss out on Google action either - as it will also be compatible with Google Assistant. 

Toshiba is also going to launch an Android TV. This will, naturally, work with Google Assistant as well as offering other connected features that Android TV brings, like Chromecast compatibility.

Toshiba will also be offering Dolby Atmos on these new TVs, as well as running its TRU picture engine, looking to make sure that your SDR and HD content looks great.

In 2019 Toshiba has pushed its L7 and L5 TVs, offering 4K HDR and some connected features - but it looks like things are going to turn up a notch in 2020.

As we said, there's no word on pricing, but with a 55-inch Toshiba UL5A costing around £430 on Amazon right now, we suspect you'll be able to pick one of the 2020 models for not a lot more.

Writing by Chris Hall.