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(Pocket-lint) - Toshiba has revealed its top-spec TV, the UL7A, complete with edge-lit wide colour gamut HDR 4K panel. But it's the new Toshiba Connect box that adds a new level of interest, as this USB-connected box integrates Amazon Alexa.

Many of the 2018 range of Toshiba tellies already offer Works With Alexa, but the Toshiba Connect device is able to fully integrate the voice assistant into the TV, including for TV specific controls - "Alexa, turn down the volume" and other such commands.


The Toshiba Connect box is optional - you can choose to have it bundled in the box, or purchase later, the latter option which may be useful for backwards compatibility with older Toshiba sets.

Pocket-lintToshiba Connect integrates Amazon Alexa into it UL7A TV image 2

The Toshiba UL7A joins the UL5A as the range-topping set, the former and newer telly delivering a slimmer screen profile thanks to its edge-lit panel (the UL5A is 'DLED', i.e. direct backlight - which makes for a thicker construction), along with support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision high dynamic range profiles.

The Ultra-HD set uses micro dimming to improve contrast and colour, super resolution upscaling to enhance non-4K footage, and motion control to insert frames for a smoother viewing experience when watching fast-moving action, such as sports.

With Freeview Play, YouTube and Netflix apps supported in the user interface, the 2019 model also introduces Amazon Prime to the roster. Everything is easily accessible whether via the included remote or you chose to opt for the Toshiba Connect and use the power of your voice instead.

The Toshiba UL7A will be shown off to the public at IFA 2019 - a large trade show in Berlin - after which it will go on sale in 49- and 55-inch sizes, priced £449 and £549, respectively.

Writing by Mike Lowe.