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(Pocket-lint) - As Toshiba looks to re-establish its TV brand in Europe, the company is looking at a wide range of technologies to support its sets.

Vestel, manufacturing Toshiba TVs under licence has a range of flagship OLED models, a bezel-less design, a Wall Art concept that's incredibly thin, as well as full-range of wide colour gamut 4K HDR LCD TVs, so there's plenty of choice, offering alternatives to some of the bigger brands.

But Toshiba isn't just focusing on core technologies for its televisions, it's also looking at the user experience, with a range of expanded features that make things a little more unique. 

Toshiba has confirmed that from 2019, OLED, 4K HDR and Full HD smart TVs will all allow native Alexa control. That's voice control without the need for an Amazon Echo or other device - so you can talk directly to the TV to control it.

But there's another Amazon tie-in for Toshiba TVs and that's using Dash Replenishment. Like the Dash buttons that Amazon has been selling for a couple of years, during set-up of your Toshiba smart TV you'll be able to set it to automatically order replacement remote control batteries when it detects that they're running low.

Pocket-lintFuture Of Toshiba Televisions Dash Battery Replacements Alexa Voice Control And Android Tv image 2

Finally, Toshiba has also confirmed that it's looking at Android TV as a platform for future TVs. That will be the convenience of all the connectivity that Android offers, as well as a full range of services to get you access to even more content. 

At the moment, Toshiba's Android TV is a 55-inch model and it's not clear exactly when or if this TV will be on sale, but it's a nod to a better connected TV of the future.

Writing by Chris Hall.