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(Pocket-lint) - Toshiba has outlined its plans to re-establish the TV brand in the UK and across Europe and the brand has teamed up with Vestel to make that happen, showcasing a lot of the latest models at IFA 2017.

For those who don't know who Vestel is, it's a massive Turkish appliance and consumer electronics company that manufactures and distributes a huge number of TVs across Europe. It picked up the licensing of the Toshiba brand in 2015.

Of all the TVs being showcased, the Poster TV concept that was shown off at IFA 2017 is by far the most interesting, as it appears to offer an alternative to LG's high-end Wallpaper TV.

The Toshiba Poster TV concept's biggest feature is that it sits flush to the wall, completely flat, with no electronic stuck on the back of the display. This means there's no stand-off from the wall, zero gap behind it.

Toshiba hasn't said too much about this TV, but this is a 65-inch OLED display with an 4K Ultra HD resolution and fully HDR compatible. Toshiba does say that it supports Dolby Vision, making us think that it's likely to be an LG panel, but not a lot else is said about the panel's specifications.

It will sit on Toshiba's smart platform so you can stream content from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video.

Toshiba also didn't say too much about the box that it connects to via the ribbon connector coming out of the bottom of the TV. This connects to a rather large box which looks a bit like an induction hob thanks to its flat glossy top finish. This box provides all the power to the display, as well as providing the smart functions and connections, with 4x HDMI detailed.

Toshiba also told us that it's a potent TV when it comes to sound, supporting DTS TruSurround and DTS HD and featuring a subwoofer to boost the base. At the moment it's not clear whether that's something that's in the connection box that looks like a induction cooker, or separate. At any rate, Toshiba wasn't doing any sound demos so we can't judge how it sounds.

The design sure is striking, but the question is whether it would be priced affordably. The LG Wallpaper at 65-inches cost about £8000. That's the price you need to beat Toshiba.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 6 September 2017.