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(Pocket-lint) - Toshiba has unveiled a Star Wars inspired TV at IFA 2017, ready and willing to transport fans to a TV galaxy far, far away. 

This isn't a TV that's going to shift the balance in the TV universe, but it might make some young fans happy. Based around a 24-inch HD ready screen, there's Star War themed decoration around the bezel, depicting X-Wing Fighters, with the bold lettering of "May the Force be with you" on the stand. 

The TV itself sits on Toshiba's smart TV platform, so you'll be able to connect to online services to get yourself plenty of entertainment - if looking at the bezel isn't enough for you - and there's also two HDMI ports on the rear so you can hook-up your Xbox One and play Battlefront 2.

It is also equipped with Wi-Fi to make connections easy. 

However, the real magic is saved for switching the TV on and off. Rather than a tedious company logo, you'll instead get Star Wars action, displaying the Star Wars name when it's switched on, with the exiting flourish giving you that lightsabre hum and a First Order trooper as you turn the TV off.

We have no idea what Toshiba might be asking for the Star Wars TV, but any price is worth paying to experience the full thrill of Star Wars magic every time you watch your TV.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 31 August 2017.