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(Pocket-lint) - It's been some time since we've had anything to write about from Toshiba, but the company is making its way back into Europe thanks to its partnership with Vestel, and leading the charge with an OLED TV.

OLED has seen something of a up kick in 2017, with the likes of Panasonic, Philips and Sony all joining grand masters LG in offering that particular flavour of TV panel.

For those slightly in the dark about what OLED is, it's where the individual pixels emit the light (hence ORGANIC light emitting diode), as opposed to having rear or side illumination of the panel which is the case for the vast majority of LED TVs on the market, including Samsung's new QLED TVs.

The advantage, as touted by Toshiba on the X97, is that you have better control over light, meaning absolute blacks where you need black, boosted contrast and generally very good colour performance. The downside is that peak brightness doesn't match that which you'll get from LED.

Toshiba is pitching its TV family as "mid-market", so we suspect that its OLED will be designed to slot in underneath some of the premium OLED models we've seen in 2017, like the Sony Bravia A1. We also suspect it's the same TV model as the X910 that's was made available in Japan early in 2017.

Toshiba describes the X97 as bezel-free and minimalist, offering a contemporary design that's perfect for wall-hanging offering a "chic urban finish", but it's not slacking on connectivity with 4x HDMI and it also comes with speaker boxes and a subwoofer and DTS TruSurround HD audio, so it should sound great too.

The Ultra HD set will not only offer that sharp resolution, but promises to be a gamer's delight with response rates of under 1ms in game mode, while also offering an expanded array of 4K content through Netflix and YouTube. Exactly what other smart features it offers we're still to discover.

We're also still to discover what the price will be: with LG's B6 costing around £2699 for the 65-inch version, that's the figure to beat.

Toshiba is also launching the U77 and U67 Ultra HD TV series. The U77 sounds more mass market with 55 and 49-inch sizes, the sort of sizes that are popular in Europe. Toshiba refers to the U77 as a "wide colour gamut" model, so we're suspecting it will be pushing brightness and colour for a great HDR experience.

The U67 by contrast seems a little more focused on being good value for money, opening up a wider range of sizes from 43-inch to 65-inch. If you've a small room and want a 4K TV at 43 inches, then the Toshiba U67 might be your first port of call.

Prices and availability on all the new Toshiba TVs are still to be confirmed.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 31 May 2017.