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(Pocket-lint) - On its IFA 2014 stand, Toshiba was demonstrating some proof of concept displays that could drive television technologies in the near future. One of which was the re-emergence of an idea Philips originally took a punt on over five years ago, a 21:9 telly that provides an ideal cinema experience.

However, the Toshiba Super Wide Ultra HD Smart TV concept takes the idea a step further. For a start, it has a 5K picture resolution (5120 x 2160) and is a whopping 105-incher.

It was sat at one end of a white room and completely dominated, even while competing with a giant Ultra HD mirrored display concept.

We suspect it's an LED panel, although that wasn't mentioned specifically, mainly because of the stunning contrast and colour performance. But the sheer width of the set was perhaps the most awe-striking aspect.

Pocket-linttoshiba 5k 21 9 super wide ultra hd tv concept is as big as its name eyes on  image 5

One of the demonstration elements of the rolling footage on show was the cunning use of a snapped sidebar, with social media features. It's always been a bone of contention on how 21:9 TVs work with normal 16:9 footage - either adding black bars either side or stretching the picture unnaturally - but by adding additional content in the used section of the screen, we can see the form factor working far more.

Of course, that won't be needed for 21:9 movie playback, which will be shown in its entirety and without top and bottom bars.

Whether this Toshiba set will ever see the light of day as a consumer release is debatable - it would no doubt be financially out of reach for most anyway. We do think that we'll see smaller, more palatable versions in the future though, if the reaction of the IFA crowd is anything to go by.

Writing by Rik Henderson.