Toshiba is up to its third generation of 4K UHD TVs now so you can expect high quality from the latest three announced. the L8400U, L9400U and L9450U.

Toshiba has improved its CQ 4K Engine for what it says is even better picture quality then before. It's also added its first LED array to the 4K UHD TV line-up.

The L9400U is the top of the line screen with 65-inch and 58-inch sizes offering 240Hz Full Array LED Panels pumping out CQ 4K Engine UHD. They come in dual and quad-core versions. They have the Toshiba Cloud Portal system for streaming over your home network or online. They are voice controlled, feature a DTS Premium Sound system and are DirectTV ready.

The L9450U is an 84-inch 4K UHD TV with everything the L9400U features but with a Local Dimming LED panel. The L8400U, other than no LED, is the same but in 58-inch and 50-inch sizes.

The Toshiba 4K TVs will ship this summer but pricing has not yet been announced.