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(Pocket-lint) - The television market is now starting to roll out 4K, and we are seeing quite a few 4K devices make an appearance at IFA this year. Toshiba has gone big, big, big, and this size really does make 4K look stunning because, despite being so massive, fine detail is retained.

We got good look at the new 84-incher in its three different colour schemes - grey, black and a matt black - and all three looked very impressive. Naturally, the 4K footage was the best, but the display's CEVO engine did a really good job of upscaling 1080p content. In fact, the difference is so marked, we would see the loss in resolution as quite an irritation.

Pocket-linttoshiba 84 inch 4k television pictures and eyes on image 1

Other than that, the display is amazingly thin and looks unusually premium for Toshiba kit, with a high-quality stand that looks well up to the task of supporting the vast television. Naturally things like internet connected TV also come with the set, as does 3D, which is passive. 

Pocket-linttoshiba 84 inch 4k television pictures and eyes on image 2

Having recently witnessed 8K footage at the BBC, we can't help but think holding on for sets that support that resolution is the logical thing to do.

It would be quite annoying if someone picked up a television with double that of 4K resolution so quickly. Still, Super Hi Vision is a long way off. These, however, are planned for launch around the middle of 2013. Expect them to cost a lot.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.