Toshiba is to launch its first passive 3D TV series, to sit alongside its range of active shutter 3D TVs, whilst also confirming that it will launch a glasses-free 3D TV within the next 12 months.

The Regza VL series of LED panels will be the maker's first entry into the passive 3D world and will make it the second of two companies (including LG) to offer the technology. The full HD TVs will be bundled with four pairs of ReaID 3D glasses, similar to those used in the cinema.

Available in 42- and 47-inch screen sizes, the VL Series packs Toshiba Places - the maker's new smart TV platform. This offers access to cloud-based content and internet services on demand and uses an app-based system to include access to services such as Flickr and the BBC's iPlayer.

What's more, the new panels will include Toshiba's new Personal TV feature which lets you set up a personal profile for everyone in the house. Each profile includes a range of settings such as personalised volume levels, picture settings, and favourite channels - ideal for keeping some of the adults' more questionable TV programming choices away from the eyes of the kids.

Toshiba's new Auto Calibration feature will be on board to automatically adjust colours to match studio quality so that you can get the best out of the TV. The new range will also feature the maker's Active Vision M400HD picture processing wizardry, which has been designed to improve detail, colour, contrast and motion to ensure clear, smooth images.

The VL Series also features DLNA and Wi-Fi connectivity, Freeview HD, 4 HDMIs and Toshiba's Regza-Link for controlling several compatible devices with the same remote.

Toshiba will offer active shutter technology on its Regza WL and Regza YL Series in 2011.

The VL Series is due to launch in June in the UK although prices have yet to be announced.

Little information is available on the glasses-free 3D panel, although 12- and 20-inch versions are already available in Japan. If Toshiba lives up to its promise then we can expect to see these in UK shops by April 2012, so we're guessing that they'll make their debut at CES 2012.