The world knew that CES 2011 was going to have a heavy 3D bent, but to go glasses-free so soon is the big news from Toshiba.

The self-proclaimed leader of innovation has put its money where its mouth is at its press conference in Vegas by saying that there'll be consumer autostereoscopic TVs on the shelves some time in the fiscal year of April 2011 - March 2012. Naturally, that buys Toshiba a little time but it's a bold move nonetheless.

The company is saying little about the advances in technology which it must have made in order to feel confident in the product area; especially as the tech has so far failed to satisfy in more than prototype form for any other manufacture. What we do know is that the panels will be more than 40 inches in size with demo models on show at CES measuring 56 and 65 inches on the diagonal.

The TVs are LED backed with an impressive 4096 x 2160 pixel (4k2k) resolution, and at the heart of the 3D number crunching is the CEVO engine where the heavy work and the 3D magic happens.

Pocket-lint will be on the show floor taking a look at how ready this technology seems to be and we'll let you know in the coming months when price and availability hits.

CES 2011 is now in full-swing, be sure to check out our dedicated CES homepage for all of the news as it breaks, as well as detailed analysis.