Toshiba has approached 3D at IFA2010 in exactly the same way that it didn't Blu-ray - quickly and with great gusto. The Toshiba BDX3100KB 3D Blu-ray player is arriving in the UK in October and will allow anyone with a 3D TV to enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies as well at the Fullest of 1080p/24fps HD resolution.

There's a USB port for MP3, MKV, AVCHD, DivX and JPEG playback as well as a trusty old 3D compatible HDMI. The Toshiba BDX3100KB supports both of the top HD audio standards in the form of Dolby TruHD and DTS Master Audio Essential, and can offer up to 7.1 channels - provided you've got that many speakers, of course. All of that plus SD upscaling to 1080p and BD Live 2.0 for any added content that you might find out there on the intertubes.

toshiba brings 3d to bd with bdx3100kb blu ray player image 2

If you don't have a 3D TV or just aren't interested, Tosh has also introduced an entry level player in the shape of the Toshiba BDX1100KB. It has the same credentials as its bigger brother, minus the 3D aspect and unfortunately that USB slot as well. So, you can wave goodbye to all that digital file support. Doubtless it'll be reflected in the price come October just as soon as Toshiba tells us what it is.

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