Toshiba today disclosed that they are planning to sell their own HD media drive in the UK in Autumn 2010, going up against the likes of WDTV.

Going under the name StorETV (said stor-e-tv funnily enough), the product line was introduced to Europe last year, but it is only coming to the UK now that it has Wi-Fi added to the mix.

A simple black box, it will bridge the gap between your digital media and your TV with the ability to output content at Full HD (1080p) via HDMI. In terms of connectivity, you'll get USB slots and an SD card reader, and around the back the important HDMI, Composite video, stereo and digital audio. Wireless and wired networking are included.

The capacity is yet to be determined, but it was suggested it would be in the region of 1 or 2TB. Details are limited, but a menu page we captured suggests you'll be able to hook-up an external DVD player to the device, as well as offering network access, with UPnP mentioned. Interestingly this menu page also offers "internet services", but we'll have to wait and see what that offers.

Toshiba couldn't confirm what codecs the StorETV would support (the European version suggests MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, MPEG2, AVI, MP4 and JPEG), although if they want this to sell, the more formats the better.

Hitting shelves in Q3 2010, the price will be dependent on capacity, but we were told it would be "competitively priced".