Toshiba has unveiled its entire DVD line up for 2010 with new players, recorders and portable options announced for launch this year.

As far as DVD players go, all due in April there's entry level options with the £34.99 SD1010 and SD2010, with MP3, DivX and JPEG support, while the SD2010 boasts a USB port.

The next step up brings the SD3010, SD4010 and SD5010 (from £44.99 to £54.99) that all offer 1080p upscaling and HDMI connectivity. At the top of the range the already available £79.99 XDE600 gets Tosh's XDE tech that offers even more upscaling.

All models in the DVD recorder range include Freeview digital tuners - with Freeview+ available on HDD models. As well as recording to DVD, the top of the range Toshiba RD100KB and RDXV60K models feature integrated HDDs with 320GB of memory.

The upscaling £269.99 RD100KB boasts a USB port and DivX, MP3 and JPEG playback while the £329.99 RDXV60K also goes old school with a VHS tape cassette player.

The Toshiba DR20KB and DVR20KB both feature integrated digital tuners, HDMI connectivity and upscaling to 1080p HD resolution. They cost £179.99 and £229.99 and the latter model also offers VHS.

As for the portable DVD players, Toshiba is offering three new options with 7-inch (SDP74) and 9-inch (SDP94) screen sizes, while the SDP94DT also gets a Freeview tuner. They are priced at £99.99, £169.99 and £199.99.