Toshiba today announced that they will be entering the Freeview HD market in time for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

The new Freeview+ HD PVR, called the HDR5010, will come with a 500GB hard drive, offering users the chance to record all that glorious HD content off the HD broadcast channels, currently limited to BBC HD and ITV HD as well as dual tuners so you can record both at once.

That 500GB hard drive will give you 120 hours of HD recording. You'll also find 2x USB, an Ethernet port, 3x HDMI (two in, one out) as well as a SCART.

Twin Freeview HD tuners mean you'll be able to watch one channel and record from another and be able to see up to 8 days via the television guide.

The USB ports will mean you can play back content from other sources, with Toshiba mentioning that it will support DivX and MP3, but we are sure it will support other file formats too, just like their new BDX2100 announced today.

The HDR5010 will set you back a £349 and will be available in June 2010.