Another TV manufacturer has announced intentions to go 3D in the near future as Toshiba has revealed at CES that it is to work with RealD on REGZA TVs that will be able to deliver stereoscopic HD-quality 3D content.
This follows a similar missive from Samsung, as does the news the companies will also work together on technology for active eyewear compatible with Toshiba 3D-enabled displays.

"Toshiba plans to introduce 3D into our REGZA line-up of Full-HD LCD TVs in 2010, and we are delighted to work with RealD, the clear leader in the industry", said Masaaki Osumi, president and CEO, digital media network company, Toshiba.

"Home viewing is fast moving toward the total immersion offered by 3D, and Toshiba is determined to be in the vanguard in delivering this experience".

The suggestion is the future REGZA 3D TVs will be compatible with Sky's planned 3D broadcasts, although Sky did not list Toshiba in an earlier release on the topic.

Toshiba has said that it will launch 46- and 55-inch 3D CELL REGZA models in Europe in autumn 2010.