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(Pocket-lint) - Chinese manufacturer TCL will unveil an all-new series of TVs at CES 2020 next week, featuring enhanced versions of its Mini-LED backlight technology.

Unlike MicroLED, used by Samsung and a few other TV tech firms, Mini-LED is a backlight technology that enables LED/LCD televisions to boast better black levels, higher contrast and tackle OLED panels in terms of picture quality head-on.

TCL has already employed earlier versions of Mini-LED technology in current sets, but claims that the new models will come with Quantum Contrast tech. This will, it says, result in "a display that delivers unrivaled contrast and brilliant clarity".

"TCL is thrilled to be at tech's biggest show and stand on tech’s grandest stage to share our latest Mini-LED developments alongside our vision for the industry in the AI and IoT age," said company CEO, Kevin Wang.

"TCL is committed to offering a wider range of products to satisfy the needs of consumers and provide them with better, more personalised experiences. Like all of our products, I hope this new line of TVs improves their lives by bringing joy into homes worldwide."

The new range will be launched during a press conference in Las Vegas on 6 January, due to start at 12pm PT - so 8pm UK time.

Writing by Rik Henderson.