The cinema could be flooded with classic blockbuster movies in 3D according to the Hollywood Reporter in LA.

Following the confirmed move by Disney to re-release Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in the cinemas in 3D before Christmas this year, studios are supposedly looking to see what else they can bring back to market to entice movie-goers to part with their cash.

Possible titles to make a comeback include Titanic, Terminator 2 and Star Wars.

The "Star Wars franchises are expected to get 3D re-releases eventually," the article states.

According to the report, Lightstorm Entertainment insiders suggest it will be less than a year before a 3D re-release is announced for James Cameron's "Titanic."

"We are certainly interested in exploring the opportunity to re-release some of Lightstorm's past films in 3D," Lightstorm partner Jon Landau told the rag. "I don't think it's too far into the future. We're pretty far down the road."

Also rumoured to be making a comeback is another Lightstorm flick; Terminator 2.

"Family films are the most obvious candidates for 3D re-releases, as tots often know classic family titles from DVD but haven't seen them on the big screen. CGI-animated family titles top the list, as an average $8 million or so in remastering costs can be halved thanks to inherent technical advantages in the format."

The news comes as the latest film classic Night of the Living Dead is about to hit the cinemas once again. The 1968 horror movie has been colourised and turned 3D for fans of the movie wanting to get that three dimensional experience.