Way back in March, Dreamworks CEO Jeff Katzenberg boldly declared that 3D is the future of cinema.

He announced that the company will be ploughing $30m dollars a year into 3D technology and plans to make all of Dreamworks' future films in 3D.

But what better way to make some quick cash than screen one of the most successful film franchises of all time ever in on 3D.

Yes - it's now been confirmed - all six of the Star Wars films are to be re-released in the 3D format.

Katzenberg has confirmed the details in a recent interview with Comingsoon.net saying: "[George] Lucas is excited about it".

He also promised that the 3D films will live up to expectations: "He [Lucas] isn't going to put a product out, I think, that isn't anything other than first rate".

Apparently, say the chaps over at Gizmodo, the cost of converting a traditional 2D movie into 3D is between $50,000 and $100,000 per minute.

But think of all of those thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Star Wars fans who will relish the chance to relive their childhood by watching the films, and even more so, to do it sitting there wearing silly glasses.