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(Pocket-lint) - The next big Star Wars TV show has been shuffled (very) slightly in Disney's release calendar - Andor will now start streaming on 21 September 2022, instead of 31 August.

That delay might be compensated for, though, as it'll now premiere with a three-episode burst that will all be available at the same time.

The news was accompanied by a new trailer for the show that makes it a lot clearer what sort of story we can expect to watch.

As well as the origin story of Rogue One's Cassian Andor, it looks like we're going to witness the very birth of the Rebellion, steered from within the Empire by the likes of Mon Mothma and others.

Forest Whitaker will return as creepy freedom fighter Saw Gerrera, looking younger and a little less haggard than he does during Rogue One's action, later in the timeline.

The show will chart the tumultuous attempts of various rebels to get a coherent group and strategy together, and the latest trailer actually doesn't even focus on Andor himself all that much.

There are some glimpses of pretty luscious visuals at a few points, and it's clear that we'll spend more time on the city-planet Coruscant than we have in ages, which is refreshing given what a memorable location it was in the prequel films.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.