(Pocket-lint) - The goliath that is Disney shows no signs of slowing down - even though it has apparently cooled on the idea of flooding cinemas with Star Wars films, after lacklustre returns on side projects like Solo, more projects are still being spun up.

The latest, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is to be helmed by writer and director JD Dillard and writer Matt Owens. Dillard's reputation has been built by indie films Sleight and Sweetheart, while Owens has worked on Marvel shows Luke Cage and Agents of SHIELD.

That blend of television and feature film experience speaks to one of the key ambiguities over their potential project. It's not at all clear yet whether Disney is imagining them making a film or a series, especially in light of the success it enjoyed with The Mandalorian, the first major live-action television series from the Star Wars universe.

Rumours away of the Reporter's story suggest that the film could be rooted in the backstory of Exegol, the hidden home planet of the evil Sith, as introduced in The Rise of Skywalker. It's entirely possible, though, that these reports are simply misreading the original report's mention that the details are unknown - "being kept in the murky underworld of Exegol". 

A home on Disney+

Whether it's a film that enjoys a run in cinemas, or a TV show, the mooted project would eventually find a home on Disney+, either way. The good news for UK users, at least, is that they can finally pre-purchase their memberships for the streaming platform ahead of its launch in late March. 


The project also apparently doesn't have any bearing at all on the ongoing nature of some other rumoured ideas in the works at Disney, whether that's Rian Johnson's trilogy of standalone movies, or an idea that Marvel's Kevin Feige is apparently pushing to realise. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.