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(Pocket-lint) - Earlier this year, Kano announced it partnered with Disney on a Star Wars-themed coding product.

Now, the company, known for its Raspberry Pi computers, has officially unveiled that product: the Star Wars The Force Coding Kit. It features a Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor, circular case, a circuit board with nine LEDs, and two tops with Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire imagery.


Onc put together, kids can use it control lightsabers and more in a companion app (available on Windows 10 PC, Mac, iPad, and Amazon Fire HD 10). Kids can also play with puzzle-like programming components inside the app. They'll get to learn their way through various lessons, and are free to create new projects, which can be shared to Star Wars Kano World, a simple social network of sorts.

Keep in mind Kano has partnered with other well-known franchises in the past on similar kits, including even a Harry Potter one.

As for the Star Wars The Force Coding Kit, Kano said it will be available from 4 October for $79.99/£79.99. You can get it from Kano's site or from other retailers like Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. It'll be available in the US, UK, and Canada.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.