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(Pocket-lint) - While at the Disney D23 Expo convention, Lucasfilm shared a special new trailer for the final film of the latest Star Wars trilogy.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is set to release this Christmas, and to get fans excited for the big premiere, LucasFilm made available a “D23 special look”. It features a huge amount of old footage from all the past Star Wars movies, but about half-way through it, we're treated to new footage that shows our heroes on a desert, in a spaceship, and even engaging in an epic battle.


But the real jaw-dropping moment is when we see a dark-hooded Rey holding a double red lightsaber. Does she turn to the Dark Side? Maybe. Or is it some vision, out of context. To help feed the conspiracy theories bound to spring up, Pocket-lint has come up with a breakdown of this footage. Let us know in the comments if you've spotted something else worth mentioning.

Every clue in The Rise of Skywalker trailer

Let's just skip to 1:12 in the D23 special look trailer - when we see new footage from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Here's what we spotted:

LucasFilmLede image 2

Where is R2-D2?

We see all the main characters - even C-3PO. But where is R2-D2 in this shot? And is his absence somehow crucial to the narrative of The Rise of Skywalker? Perhaps. We know R2-D2 has been a key figure in every past Star Wars movie and even saved characters' lives. For instance, R2-D2 once saved Padme when she was about to be immolated by molten metal in the droid foundry on Geonosis.

And, in The Force Awakens, R2-D2 wakes right when the time is right, having had the rest of the map needed to find Luke.

LucasFilmLede image 3

Why visit Pasaana?

Still in the same shot, we can see the main characters are walking toward members of the Aki-Aki tribe. So, this must be the desert planet Pasaana. Is Rey and the group seeking information on the Unknown Regions? Keep in mind Pasaana is on the outer edge of the known galaxy.

There is a multitude of reasons why they'd want to know more about the Uknown Regions. Now that we presume Palpatine isn't dead, rumours suggest he somehow populated a part of the Unknown Regions with his own Sith Troopers. Another way the Unknown Regions could tie in to The Rise of Skywalker is through the planet Ilum. It's a source of Kyber crystals, a lightsaber material.

Remember, Luke's lightsaber was left in pieces at the end of The Last Jedi, so Rey could be trying to find a way to repair it.

LucasFilmLede image 4

Leia is back!

Next up, we see a brief shot of Leia. This is repurposed footage, mind you. We've been told Leia is at the heart of the film and still has a major role. So, it'll be interesting to see what sort of footage LucasFilm was able to save to keep this character alive for one more installment.

LucasFilmLede image 5

Old Rebel vehicles

Another shot shows us what seems to be the remainder of the Resistance fleet. It's small, right? Specifically, we can see B-wings, A-wings, Y-wings, which means the Resistance is must be repurposing old Rebel vehicles.

LucasFilmLede image 6

Imperial Star Destroyers

The old Rebel vehicles appear to be fighting a hidden Sith Imperial fleet here - an Operation Cinder of sorts. But are we looking at Imperial Star Destroyers, not First-Order Star Destroyers? Is this the fleet we've been hearing about, lurking around the Unknown Regions for 40-plus years, waiting for Palpatine's return? It certainly seems like it. It's massive and, well, dark. 

LucasFilmLede image 7

Hello, Finn

Next, the trailer shows Finn and Jaina. Are they staring at the imposing Sith fleet from within a ship in the Resistance fleet?

LucasFilmLede image 8

Red-eyed C-3PO

What's going on here? Why are his eyes red? It reminds us of Triple-Zero.

LucasFilmLede image 9

Death Star beam

OK, so now we get a shot of what looks like a beam destroying a planet. Is there a new Death Star? Possibly. It could also be from the Imperial Sith fleet. Could you imagine if each ship had a gun as powerful as a Death Star?

LucasFilmLede image 10

Rey training

The trailer then shows us Rey training with a red ribbon tied around her hair. She throws her lightsaber around at a training remote - the same kind Luke used in A New Hope - and catches it like a bad a$$.

LucasFilmLede image 11

Palpatine voiceover

Oh! A voiceover from Palpatine talking about a journey, along with a shot of Kylo Ren walking in a dusty, dark area with an ignited red lightsaber. Where is Kylo going? Who is he fighting? And who is Palpatine talking about here?

LucasFilmLede image 12

Force Flash fight

Now we know! Kylo is fighting Rey on some sort of Death Star wreckage. Is this a Force Flash fight, where they flash around the universe fighting? We also get the feeling Palpatine might be talking to Rey and not Kylo. Interesting.

LucasFilmLede image 13

Darkside Rey

BAM! Darkside Rey with a double-bladed red lightsaber. What is happening? Is this real, or a dream? Is it a clone? Palpatine's voiceover ends with "Now your journey... nears its end." SO MANY QUESTIONS.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman.