What order should you watch all the Star Wars films and shows?

It's were it all began, so it's where you should start. It's a great way to either get into Star Wars or rekindle your love for the franchise.

Yes, it ends where A New Hope begins but the storyline will still be fresh following the battle on the Death Star making it a good next choice.

Considered one of the greatest sequels of all time, it's Empire Strikes Back that opens up the story, and gives us the ultimate reveal: I am your father.

As we know, the story doesn't start with Luke. So now is a good point to watch the "prequels" that detail Vader's backstory. 

What makes Anakin Skywalker become Vader? Attack of the Clones looks a bit more closely at how that journey stars. 

Your journey to the Dark side will be complete. We know the outcome before we start, but it's still great to see that ending.

With Han still in carbonite watching Solo is a good way to remind yourself about the rogue pilot before venturing back to Return of the Jedi.

Having watched all the prequels, and the extra movies, you now get to enjoy the Return of the Jedi, fully understanding everything that's come before.

Taking place five years after the fall of the Empire, there are two seasons to enjoy with plenty of Easter eges from the universe to spot.

And we're back with the Skywalker Saga, with new characters to follow, but plenty of similarities as we follow Rey, Finn, Poe and others.

Rey tracks down Luke, while things don't look great for the Republic thanks to The First Order and Kylo Ren. 

The conclusion of everything (for the time being) as we find out who Rey is, and what's in store for Emperor Palpatine. May the Force be with you.