(Pocket-lint) - Just imagine that, instead of the opening crawl and looming star destroyer, Empire Strikes Back started like a James Bond movie. Can you picture it?

Actually, you don't need to, Kurt Rauffer has actually created exactly that. He's directed and edited his own 007-esque opening to arguably the best Stars Wars film for you to watch below. What's more, he's used the rejected title track Radiohead proposed for Spectre and it is simply beautiful.

Rauffer created the sequence as part of his work at the School of Visual Arts. "After re-watching The Empire Strikes Back, I decided to use this as a chance to create a homage in the form of a title sequence. This would also serve as my senior thesis at SVA and took me the whole semester to complete," he said.

He'll also be posting a making of video soon.

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For now, just sit back and marvel at the artistry and think what might have been. Not with Empire Strikes Back itself - after all, it wouldn't have been the same without the crawl - but with the opening of Spectre without that awful Sam Smith warbling throughout.

Let's hope Radiohead haven't been put off by the process and return for the next Bond outing.

Writing by Rik Henderson.