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(Pocket-lint) - The next instalment of Star Wars could actually be filmed, at least in part, in space.

The most recent Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, featured lots of realism with as few visual effects as possible, as was the vision of its director J.J. Abrams. Apparently the next Star Wars feature is following suit as its director, Colin Trevorrow, has requested for scenes to be shot in space.


The request was revealed at the Sundance Film Festival where Trevorrow said he has already pitched the idea of shooting IMAX scenes "on location" in space. He's not received an answer yet but with studios pushing for realism, after Mad Mad: Fury Road was also a hit while avoiding CGI.

Director Christopher Nolan responded to this request at the festival by saying it is possible. He was able to include shots from space in his movie Interstellar.

The next Star Wars movie may also be shot on film. Trevorrow shot Jurassic World in the same way and wishes to continue using that format. This also fits in with the series plan as The Force Awakens was also shot on film and the third instalment, directed by Rian Johnson, is also set to be shot on film.

Star Wars Episode IX will not arrive in cinemas until 2019, so we'll have a while to wait before finding out if Disney and Lucasfilm make the next film really out of this world.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.