Star Wars VII will begin production this May at Pinewood Studios in England. This is the first time a Star Wars film has begun filming in May – coincidence that 4 May is Star Wars day? We think not.

The latest Star Wars instalment is going to be set about 30 years after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Three new young characters will be the leads along with some familiar faces from the earlier films. We hope to see the children of Han Solo and Leia, as featured in the Star Wars sequel novels.

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Star Wars VII, helmed by Star Trek director JJ Abrams, will have its first day of principal photography documented by Lucasfilm. Every Star Wars film has its first day documented and the latest is in-keeping with tradition.

For example, on 22 March 1976 the start of filming of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope was documented with the quote: "The first day of principal photography in Tozeur, Tunisia, for Star Wars. A crew of 130 ventures into the desert in 42 trucks and cars, including eight army trucks full of equipment. The first shot was completed at 9:35 a.m."

Star Wars: Episode VII be released on 18 December 2015.