Whilst beaming a bloomin' great light from the top of the BT Tower to make it resemble a lightsaber was a pretty cool way of promoting the Blu-ray versions of Star Wars: The Complete Saga and the individual trilogy box set; it only lasted for a few hours.

And we couldn't exactly pick up the BT Tower and pretend we were a Jedi Master could we? Although we did stand a long way away from it on a hill so we had an unrestricted view, closed one eye, and pretend to.

No, the Japanese have definitely got it right with their promo stunt, turning the hand rails on the Tokyo subway system into brightly lit lightsabers.

We can imagine Japanese businessmen taking hold, making "zoom" noises in their heads whilst imagining that they are on their way to rescue a bikini-clad Princess Leia, rather than simply commuting for another boring day at the office.

Apparently George Lucas himself loved the idea. Sure he did, he hasn't got enough money already.

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