After the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray box-set has been released, the next major event in the sci-fi series' calendar is the release of each of the six movies in 3D. George Lucas and his team have been beavering away, converting each movie for a sequentially, year-by-year, 3D theatrical release.

However, one crew member who worked on the prequel trilogy, from Phantom Menace to Revenge of the Sith, will not be queuing up to see them.

"I hate 3D," said Nick Gillard, stunt coordinator, when asked by Pocket-lint on his personal views of the format. "I saw Avatar not in 3D and I thought it was pretty average."

Speaking at Panasonic's announcement of its tie-in with the iconic series, Anthony Daniels, who plays the part of C3PO in all six of the movies and the numerous cartoons and spin-offs, was a little more diplomatic: "One of the other projects that I’ve just been involved in is the remaking of Star Tours," he said.

"Star Tours, as some would know, is a 60-seat flight simulator in which people go on a very haphazard voyage around a planet. Everybody wears 3D glasses, and it's acceptable in this cabin - the effects there really are quite stunning, relevant and real because you are looking through a viewport."

However, he's no fan of 3D TVs: "I slightly have a problem sitting in my own sitting room, being surprised by things that come out into the room. I'm quite happy, in a Luddite sort of way to keep movies on the [flat] screen," Daniels added.

Let's not tell George, eh?

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