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(Pocket-lint) - Home cinema means all manner of things to all manner of people. Some are content with a TV and soundbar. Some only consider a 5.1 speaker system as home cinema. Some demand that a true home cinema experience has to be with a projector and screen. And there are those who won't be satisfied until they've spent over $100,000 on kitting out a dedicated room to look like the inner bowels of a working spaceship.

Admittedly, those people are rare, but judging by the end results of a recent home theater (sic) construction in a palatial Hawaiian home, you can't blame them. The Star Wars-themed viewing room is incredible.

Housed in a 20 x 14 foot space, the room, built by Acoustic Innovations, features a Runco DLP projector, 107-inch Stewart Filmscreen display, Crestron controller, and lifesize, talking models of R2D2 and C3PO.

While inspired by Star Wars, it's design is more a generic spaceship, and people enter through a door that opens using a motorised mechanism and disappears into a wall pocket. There's no sound effect, but it's tasty nonetheless.

And the ceiling and fake windows have fibre optic stars that illuminate, giving the impression that you're gliding through space. Truly astonishing.

Acoustic Innovations is also responsible for a Star Trek-themed home cinema, the Enterprise NCC-1701, and says that "during that project, we designed and installed two more spaceship theaters… I refer to them as tenders for the Mother Ship!"

Now, we wonder if they'll do a TARDIS one? Hmmmm...

What would you have your home cinema themed on? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.