At its IFA press conference, Sony has announced two new Blu-Ray players that come with Wi-Fi functionality. That'll mean that you won't have to fiddle with plugging an ethernet cable into the back of the units.

The BDP-S560 and BDP-S760 have wireless-n standard connectivity, and are also WPS-enabled for ease of connection. Firmware updates and BD-Live capabilities can then be accessed without having to deal with cables.

Both Blu-ray players are also DLNA certified, meaning that you'll be able to use Windows functionality to send pictures and video to the players from your laptop. They have upscaling for DVDs and have a 6-second quickstart feature that the company claims is "unrivalled by other products available today".

The BDP-S760 is the flagship model and in addition to the above functionality contains an "HD Reality Enhancer". That should smooth image tones and reduce noise to create more a realistic picture, if the company is to believed. The BDP-S760 also includes multi-channel headphone surround for generating a 7.1 experience on stereo earphones.

No pricing or availability was provided.