Sony will be boosting the Bravia's next year with typical IPTV services you'd watch on your PC going straight to your TV panel instead. Bravia Internet Video with Sony's XMB interface is coming to TVs and Blu-ray players so that audiences can enjoy the likes of YouTube, iPlayer and other catch up services from the comfort of their coffee tables. Broadcasters from Italy, Germany, Spain, and UK will be signing up for the trial as of 2010.

The push for this "short form" video content comes after studies showing that 70% of people watch less TV as a result and it's a trend Sony has got its eye firmly upon.

Bravia models will also come with DVB-T/DVB-C/DVB-S and an HD Triple Tuner so that no separate box will be required for picking up channels and recording programs.

Finally, Sony is also showing off Full HD 3DTVs at the company's stand in Berlin. Shots and footage when we get it.