Sony is to launch a new Waterproof remote control next month in Japan and while most will wonder what on earth for? We think it's a great idea.

Here's what we think will be on the back of the box to try and get you to buy it:

Yep that's right - in the bath. Are you bored of not being able to change the channel. Frustrated with having to get out when your favourite TV show has finished. Now you don't have to with the waterproof remote control for your Sony TV. Stay warm and wet all day.

The reality

You'll look like a prune

With the waterproof remote control from Sony when your kids dive bombs you, you might get wet, but at least you'll still be able to pause what you're watching before telling them off.

The reality

You'll end up sitting by the pond in the garden, before using it to bash your kids with

Kitchens are messy places especially when you get into that "baking" mood, but with a waterproof remote you'll be able to change the channel on the TV in the kitchen without worrying about your remote getting messy. If it does, you'll be able to wash it clean in the sink in seconds.

The reality

It will be become your new whisk

Parties are dangerous places, especially if you really like to party hard so why settle for a remote that will break if wine, beer, or vomit is spilt? Sony's waterproof remote control can be cleaned off all liquids meaning its safe no matter how mad the party gets.

The reality

After your mate throws up over it you'll never want to touch it again

Like watching "those" movies, but don't want to admit to? If things get a little too excited... don't worry, our remote is wipe clean.

The reality

Is that the time.... I really must be going.