Sony has announced a new line-up of Bravia LCD TVs, a slimmer, minimalist range the company describes as having "best-ever full HD quality".

Featuring the new Bravia Engine 3 and Motionflow 100Hz with Image Blur Reduction, the TVs will apparently offer enhanced picture detail, vivid colour reproduction and smooth moving images.

It’s also the Sony's greenest-ever range of LCD TVs, with most Bravia 2009 models carrying the "EU Flower" – an eco-label introduced by the European Commission to certify greener, more environmentally friendly products.

In fact, the 2009 Bravia range aims to save 20-30% more energy than last year's range.

For multimedia usage, DLNA allows you to stream and control any music, digital photos or video content stored on a VAIO networked PC or home media server through your TV, or alternatively you can hook up your media device directly using the USB Media Player.

You'll also be able to get online with your Bravia TV and access a number of online services including RSS feeds.

The range is made up of six models in total. The WE5 heads up the eco-friendly line-up, packed with energy-saving features that means it consumes 50% less power than its predecessor.

Available in 40 and 46-inch screen sizes, Sony is boasting that the WE5 is "one of the most energy-efficient HD televisions available", thanks to its micro-tubular HCFL backlighting, and Energy Saving Switch that turns the TV off as if turning it off at the plug.

It also features an intelligent Presence Sensor that can tell when people leave the room and puts the TV into "picture off" mode until they re-enter.

Other TVs in the range include the piano black W5500 and V5500 in five screen sizes between 32- and 52-inches, and the S5500, touted as the "great-value" entry-level option with four screen sizes between 22- and 40-inches.

Finally the E5500 and E5300, available in 32- and 40-inch, and 22-inch models respectively, feature Picture Frame styling that allows you to ‘tilt’ theTV screen upwards for comfortable viewing when the set is placed on a low table or sideboard.

The E5500 is available in a choice of black, aluminium and walnut-effect finishes, while the E5300 is available in a simple choice of black or white.

Pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed on all models. We'll get the information to you as soon as we get it.