How do you sell a TV that's almost £3000 in the UK? A girl in underwear it seems. Well, that's the hope of Sony and its latest thin TV the Sony BRAVIA ZX1.

Harking back to the 1980s, Sony has turned to Katie Green, the face of Wonder-bra last year, to pose pointlessly in lingerie with the television to show how thin she (ahem, it) is.

Katie was famously told to lose weight for being too fat, hence the tenuous connection.

With cheese ball lines in the press release like "the size zero debate still rages on, dividing many on the subject of how thin is too thin? But the Sony BRAVIA ZX1 proves that when it comes to TVs you really can never be too thin", Sony is clearly swooping to new lows in an attempt to shift the new television.

That, or they are pre-empting any major flack they may get as a result for promoting thinness as a benefit, as Apple did previously with their August '07 campaign for the new slimline iMac.

Expect to no doubt see the pictures on the front covers of some magazines next month...