As well as the launch of Europe's first OLED television, the XEL-1, more Sony Bravia models are now available in the UK.

The 200Hz Bravia Z4500 and the 9.9mm thick Bravia ZX1 with high definition wireless connectivity are now on sale.

The Bravia Engine 2 equipped Bravia Z4500's "Motionflow" 200Hz calculates three additional frames for every original frame, upping the frame rate from 50 to 200 per second.

Sony claims the result is the smoothest and clearest motion reproduction to be achieved by an LCD TV.

There's also image blur reduction, and a contrast ratio of 80,000:1 and DNLA certification.

The Bravia ZX1 claims to be the world's thinnest production LCD TV measuring in at 9.9mm "thin" and gets Motionflow 100Hz with image blur reduction technology.

The ZX1 offers what Sony calls "BRAVIA 1080 Wireless" technology, a two-part system that uses a wireless connection to deliver an HD signal from the media receiver to the ZX1 in real time.

The TVs are available now through and from pricing comes in at £1849 for the Z4500 and £2929 for the ZX1.