Sony is claiming that its latest projector will deliver "cinematic clarity" and full 1080p HD viewing, but will have a price that isn't going to break the bank.

This LCD projector is built around Sony's Bravia 2 signal processing engine, which Sony says exacts eight separate stages of image enhancement.

It also packs in Sony SXRD technology (which stands for Silicon X-tal reflective display for those who want to know) and incorporates Sony's Advanced Iris 2 dynamic contrast adjustment technology, which offers a range of 30,000:1 (which, says the manufacturer, is the difference between dead black and pure white).

The VPL-HW10 has a All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens which offers a 1.6x manual zoom, and both vertical and horizontal adjustment.

Also worth a mention is the 2.5ms response time and the full screen panel alignment function, which cuts down any coloured bordering at the edges of objects.

Sony adds that this machine boasts support for x.v.Colour, which is based on xvYCC, "a new international standard for video that defines a colour space nearly two times wider than the existing sRGB standard" so this means you get a colour palette which is much closer to what the human eye actually senses.

Colour adjustment wise, the projector utilises Real Colour Processing, which basically allows you to adjust a specific colour without changing the whole image.

Finally, this machine boasts twin HDMI connectors, is claimed to be quiet and offers a one-touch sync tool so that you can press play on a single remote and your entire (Sony) home cinema system will power up.

The VPL-HW10 is also soon to be joined by a higher-end model - details of which haven't been released yet but when we get more info, so will you.