Samsung unveiled in May the world's the first ever LCD panel that could deliver content at an image-driving speed of 240 hertz.

This is double the rate of current gen LCDs.

But Sony has now just stolen Samsung's thunder, as its own 200 hertz model was unveiled today at IFA, and will beat the rival TV to the market.

Samsung says it does not expect to begin mass producing televisions with the new Blue Phase LCD tech until 2011.

However, Sony's new BRAVIA Z4500, which is equipped with Motionflow 200Hz technology, so delivers 200 frames a second across the screen, will be in shops by Christmas in Europe.

Prices are as follows for the 40-, 46- and 52-inch models:
KDL-40Z4500 – 2200 euros
KDL-46Z4500 – 2800 euros
KDL-52Z4500 – 3200 euros