Sony has announced the world's thinnest LCD TV on Thursday at IFA in Berlin as the industry continues with its "Thin is in" motto.

The BRAVIA ZX1 will be a mind-blowing 9.9mm think at its slimmest part making your thumbs and fingers look decidedly fat.

The BRAVIA ZX1, say Sony, will be illuminated from the sides by LED arrays.

Like the Philips Essence we reported on at the beginning of August and is expected to be announced later today, the device will have a separate box with all the electronic gubbins that will connect to the screen, however unlike the Philips model that still requires to use wires, the Sony model will be wireless.

TV signal cables and inputs from other devices such as DVD players or as Sony suggests the PS3, will then connect only to the Media Receiver, which can be kept out of sight. The box of tricks will have three HDMI connections with a fourth HDMI socket finding space, somehow, on the rear of the TV.

The Media Receiver has an integral MPEG4 AVC-HD2 tuner as well as DVB-T and DVB-C3 digital broadcast and cable tuners and be controlled via RF rather than Infra-red meaning you'll be able to bung it in a cupboard.

No pricing as yet, however its due to hit the UK in December.